Tucson Winter 2008-9

I'm doing something a little different this year , normally I wait until the winter season is over and then try to document the work . However this year I am posting the gallery early and I'm going to add to it as I finnish pieces . Obviously very little has been done in 09 in fact most of these pieces were stocksd last fall and then dragged over the mountains by dog sled (a very small dog sled) to be finished here in the desert west of Tucson ..it's a lovely place and I have a small gallery which is actually getting crowded with sculpture anyone in the neighborhood is welcome to stop in and see the gallery and the studios just give a call... 231 239 2478

Artdeck_southwest_thumb Spalled_mountain_revisted_thumb Popular_child_thumb
Almost_thumb Big_curved_thumb Busy_moebius_thumb
Cherry_dervish_thumb Hiking_thumb Left_thumb
Sunshine_thumb The_king_of_king_canyon_thumb The_two_of_us_thumb
Listener_thumb Bas_bas_black_walnut_thumb Desert_dervish_thumb
Rascal_as_she_sees_herself_thumb Big_check_thumb Cherry_on_spalled_maple_thumb
Fauna_thumb Power_thumb Dersert_flower_1_thumb
Emotional_rollercoaster_thumb Home_thumb