Roadrunner revisited



Materials: Black Walnut

Dimensions: 18 X 8 X 4in


I love roadrunners, probably too many cartoons as a kid. On my hikes I seldom see them in the wild… once in a great while, But along the Santa Cruz river where I ride my bike I see them all the time and it’s great. But today as I crossed a footbridge over a tributary to that underground river, one broke out ahead of me and then as I closed it ran off the side of the bridge about fifteen to 20ft. high. I had one of those “what have I done moments” but to my amazement it flew using its wings as a parachute. Its wingspan was impressive and when it landed I swear it looked over its shoulder at me as if to say ha ha. So this I thought as I rode on this was how it had outfoxed Wiley Coyote all these years.